Fostering Academic Engagement: Learning Center Campus Los Niches, Curicó, Chile

Fostering Academic Engagement: Learning Center Campus Los Niches, Curicó, Chile
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Architectural Innovation for Student Spaces

The Learning Center Campus Los Niches, Curicó, a new addition to the Technological Campus of the University of Talca, reflects architectural brilliance designed by Carreño Sartori Arquitectos. Situated in Los Niches, this campus stands out with a collection of distinct buildings and public spaces, providing a continuous and integrated environment.

Catering to Student Needs

Addressing the needs of students who often commute long distances and spend substantial intervals between classes, the design focuses on creating a multifunctional space. From coffee breaks to group collaborations and individual study sessions, the building incorporates an acoustic gradation that transitions from public to private spaces. This gradation is visually evident in the architectural section, showcasing different levels ascending from the street.

Architectural Harmony and Spatial Flow

Allowing free passage from the street to a rear garden, the building boasts a primary structure with prominent reticulated beams supporting the first floor. Flanked by robust concrete walls that, in turn, uphold the metal superstructure, the design cleverly integrates reticulated elements into various facets of the project. Solar orientation considerations include a north-side overhang and eaves, a west-side solid wall blocking direct sunlight, and an east-side large window for morning light in common areas.

Spatial Flexibility and Design Aesthetics

The campus ground facilitates seamless movement, featuring a design that encourages interaction and vibrant university life. A six-meter overhang extends towards the access road, providing a shaded public space with amenities. The open interior, achieved by the structural clearance created by reticulated beams, hosts various academic activities. Distinct floor levels mark programmatic differences, and the visual impact of the metal skeleton is softened by an acoustic wood covering, adding a touch of warmth to the architectural aesthetics.

The Learning Center Campus Los Niches, with its innovative design, not only addresses practical needs but also contributes to the dynamic and inspiring atmosphere of academic life.

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