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Redefining Comfort: Café good & goody by design by 83

Redefining Comfort: Café good & goody by design by 83
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Café good & goody, situated in Gimhae, Republic of Korea, underwent a renewal project with a clear vision: ‘Only good things for your ordinary life.’ The aim was to create a welcoming and cozy space that patrons would love to frequent daily.

Overcoming Location Challenges with Striking Design

To overcome its location slightly away from downtown and major roads, the exterior of Café good & goody was finished in a bold dark wine color. This striking choice helped the café stand out and attract attention.

Inviting Interior Design

Upon entering through the main entrance on the first floor, visitors are greeted by a mint-colored interior that exudes warmth and comfort. The layout features a cozy counter and a round sharing table near the entrance, inviting patrons to relax and unwind.

Functional Design for Brunch Experience

Acknowledging the need for a spacious kitchen area characteristic of a brunch café, the design placed the kitchen functionally alongside the counter. The terracotta brick tile finish adds volume to the space, fostering a sense of unity and cohesion.

Harmonious Form and Function

Every design element, from the pendant lighting above the shared table to the handrail design of the stairs leading to the second floor, was carefully crafted to harmonize with the overall aesthetic. The curves of the massive structure inspire the design choices, creating a seamless visual experience.

Comfortable Second Floor Space

The second floor of Café good & goody is designed to provide a comfortable environment for patrons to enjoy their coffee. Featuring terracotta brick tiles in the same wine color as the first floor and finished with mint-colored paint, the overall design maintains harmony and coherence throughout the space.

By blending striking exterior design with inviting interiors and functional layout, Café good & goody by design by 83 redefines comfort and coziness, offering patrons a welcoming retreat from the bustling city life.

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