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Capturing the Essence of Cadaques: Designing Compartir Restaurant

Capturing the Essence of Cadaques: Designing Compartir Restaurant
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Compartir Restaurant, a project by El Equipo Creativo, seeks to encapsulate the essence of the picturesque Mediterranean town of Cadaques, known for its artsy spirit and coastal charm. The aim is to transport the ambiance of their original restaurant in Cadaques to their new gastronomic venture in Barcelona, albeit with a contemporary urban twist.

Design Inspiration

The design concept draws inspiration from the unique features of Cadaques, including its slate roads, blue sea vistas, and traditional wicker craftsmanship. These elements, synonymous with the town’s artistic heritage and association with Salvador Dali, serve as the driving force behind the creative vision for Compartir Restaurant.

Spatial Context

Situated in the Eixample district of Barcelona, the restaurant occupies a classic venue with a striking steel structure reminiscent of an art gallery. The design envisages an expansive white space accentuated by three abstract “windows” facing the Mediterranean Sea—each a collaborative effort with local artists to create bespoke art pieces.

Interior Elements

Curved mirrors and wicker dividers add warmth and character to the space, doubling as lamps to create a cozy ambiance. These elements evoke the imagery of sails and vessels, paying homage to the maritime heritage of Cadaques. Bars and kitchens feature simple yet bold shapes, serving as focal points that activate different areas of the restaurant.

Materiality and Craftsmanship

A warm, light material palette with a Mediterranean touch defines the interior spaces, characterized by textured surfaces and handcrafted details. Natural materials such as slate stone and terracotta tiles, reminiscent of Cadaques’ architectural landscape, are juxtaposed with abstract blue windows to create a visually striking composition.

Embracing Local Artisans

In line with the ethos of sustainability and community engagement, all materials and products used in the project are sourced locally. Collaborations with local artists and artisans not only add a unique flair to the restaurant but also strengthen its ties to the vibrant cultural fabric of Barcelona.


Compartir Restaurant exemplifies a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity, transporting diners on a sensory journey to the quaint streets of Cadaques. Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to local craftsmanship, El Equipo Creativo has succeeded in creating a dining experience that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean region.

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