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Rediscovering Home: Brisa Apartment by Memola Estúdio

Rediscovering Home: Brisa Apartment by Memola Estúdio
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The Brisa Apartment project by Memola Estúdio embodies a close-knit relationship between the designers and their clients, who, despite being based in Buenos Aires during the project’s inception, maintained a strong sense of connection. The clients, drawn to the studio’s previous work, articulated their vision for the new residence, emphasizing a blend of cosmopolitan living with creative design principles.

Fusion of Styles and Lifestyles

The apartment’s renovation aimed to reflect the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the Brazilian clients while infusing creative elements that juxtapose the old with the new. With a focus on openness and functionality, the challenge lay in reimagining the space while preserving its essential character.

Spatial Reconfiguration

Central to the renovation was the reconfiguration of the apartment’s layout to enhance functionality and flow. Walls were removed to create a seamless transition between the living spaces, and the kitchen was expanded to accommodate the clients’ passion for cooking and socializing. Structural alterations were strategically implemented to optimize natural light and spatial dynamics.

Integration of Design Elements

The design seamlessly integrates industrial and rustic elements with delicate touches throughout the apartment. Concrete surfaces and exposed beams highlight the original structure, while reclaimed wood and stainless steel accents add warmth and character. The introduction of custom-made furniture and thoughtful lighting design further enhances the space’s ambiance.

Tiles: A Highlight of Youthfulness

A notable feature of the Brisa Apartment is the use of tiles to infuse color and vibrancy into the design. Light-toned tiles with spaced inserts in burnt yellow tones adorn various surfaces, adding a youthful and dynamic dimension to the interior. This creative use of tiles creates visual interest and serves as a focal point within the space.

Delicate Details and Personalization

Attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the apartment’s design, from the choice of furniture to the repackaging of the bathrooms. Each element is carefully curated to reflect the clients’ tastes and lifestyle preferences, resulting in a personalized and inviting living environment.

Conclusion: A Harmonious Blend of Past and Present

The Brisa Apartment exemplifies Memola Estúdio’s commitment to creating spaces that seamlessly blend past and present, functionality and creativity. Through thoughtful spatial planning, material selection, and design innovation, the apartment embodies a harmonious fusion of styles and lifestyles, offering a welcoming retreat for its inhabitants.

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