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Embracing Street Culture: BONELESS Concept Store by Supercloud Studio

Embracing Street Culture: BONELESS Concept Store by Supercloud Studio
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BONELESS, also known as BLS, emerged in 2018 in Guangzhou, spearheaded by a collective of independent designers deeply rooted in street culture. Beyond its literal connotation, BONELESS derives its name from a skateboarding maneuver symbolizing free will—a philosophy embedded in both its brand ethos and design aesthetic.

Expansion into Dongshankou

Following the launch of a concept store in Shanghai’s TX Huaihai in early 2022, BONELESS and SuperCloud Studio reunite to introduce an exclusive new concept space in Guangzhou’s vibrant fashion hub of Dongshankou. Reflecting Guangzhou’s ethos of inclusivity, BONELESS’ offline enclave welcomes the public with open arms, embodying the brand’s commitment to openness and sustainability.

Brand Identity: The Bold “B”

In 2023, BONELESS unveiled a fresh visual identity (VI) system, spotlighting the iconic “B” emblem as its centerpiece. Dominating the Dongshankou locale, the oversized “B” logo serves as a prominent visual marker within the interior, forging a unique synergy between brand identity and physical space.

Architectural Expression

At the Dongshankou outpost, BONELESS’ core values manifest in its architectural language. A uniformly illuminated ceiling defies gravity, while wooden suspension elements evoke a sense of spatial suspension. Metal rods and wooden blocks construct a dynamic props system, complemented by versatile visuals behind the cash register counter, adding depth to the brand narrative.


Fostering Creativity and Exploration

The new retail space serves as a canvas for boundless imagination, embracing openness and versatility to navigate the accelerated consumption landscape. Emphasizing the iconic “B” logo and immersive scene integration, the Dongshankou store epitomizes BONELESS’ evolutionary journey, showcasing its relentless pursuit of innovation and creativity.

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