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Capturing Euljiro’s Essence: Café dof by designstudio.ure

Capturing Euljiro’s Essence: Café dof by designstudio.ure
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Euljiro, steeped in history since the Joseon Dynasty, has long been synonymous with metal manufacturing and processing. Known as ‘Gurigae’ in the past, the area earned its moniker due to its resemblance to glistening copper in the sunlight. Today, the streets of Euljiro still echo with the sounds of metal being forged and welded, creating a captivating blend of tradition and modernity.

Unveiling the Essence: ‘dof’ – Depth of Field

The brand ‘dof’ draws its inspiration from photography, specifically the concept of ‘Depth of Field,’ which refers to the range in which a picture appears in focus. In envisioning dof as a metaphorical lens, the designers aimed to reveal the essence and identity of the space, projecting a sense of relaxation and depth into the surroundings.

Celebrating Rough Beauty

Euljiro’s rough and industrial beauty served as a muse for the design of Café dof. Drawing parallels between the grittiness of metalwork and the allure of rusted copper, the designers sought to capture the area’s raw charm without embellishment. The simplicity of forms, juxtaposed with the weight of metal and the warmth of black wood, pays homage to Euljiro’s unprocessed allure.

Materials Tell a Story

The interior palette of Café dof is a testament to its industrial roots. Cold metallic properties and black wooden boards dominate the space, echoing the rugged aesthetic of Euljiro’s metalworking heritage. Cement-colored terrazzo flooring, a nod to modernization, adds depth and texture, reflecting light and infusing the space with a soft glow.

Focal Points and Illumination

Central to the design is a long table, reminiscent of a focal point in a camera lens. The table’s legs, akin to the focal point, create a linear composition that interacts with natural light, casting shadows and illuminating the space. Artificial lighting, crafted from copper plates, further accentuates the beauty of aging and corrosion, enriching the space with traces of time.

Conclusion: A Harmonious Fusion of Past and Present

Café dof stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of Euljiro’s rich heritage and contemporary design. By embracing the area’s rough beauty and industrial legacy, designstudio.ure has created a space that not only honors its surroundings but also invites patrons to immerse themselves in its captivating narrative.

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