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CoCo Cha Taiwan Tea & Coffee – White Lantern: A Harmonious Architectural Renovation

CoCo Cha Taiwan Tea & Coffee – White Lantern: A Harmonious Architectural Renovation
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CoCo Cha Taiwan Tea & Coffee – White Lantern, undertaken by PT Arch Studio, is a renovation project aiming to transform a low-budget garden cafe into a modern and harmonious space. The primary challenge lies in integrating a new design with the existing architectural framework while minimizing costs during the Covid pandemic.

Location and Context

Situated in the new urban area of Phan Rang City, the cafe occupies a prominent corner location with direct sunlight exposure from the West. To address this, the design prioritizes maximizing natural light and external views while mitigating heat gain. Additionally, it seeks to resonate with the vibrant atmosphere of the city’s entertainment district.

Design Concept

PT Arch Studio adopts a concept of solidity and porosity, aiming to create a modern and youthful ambiance suitable for all ages. The ground floor features appropriately positioned glass windows to facilitate external views and sunlight while controlling heat gain. On the first floor, a translucent layer made of glass bricks acts as a lantern, illuminating the space during the day and night.

Interior Layout

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a spacious atrium that fosters a sense of openness and comfort. The layout emphasizes seamless connectivity between the ground floor and the first floor, enhancing user interaction with the space. The strategic placement of the counter area and stairs facilitates easy navigation and delineates functional zones.

Innovative Solutions

To optimize cost efficiency, the design utilizes existing structural elements, such as the staircase, while ensuring a seamless flow between different areas. The staircase bifurcates into two directions, leading to distinct spaces—a coffee area upstairs and a children’s play area downstairs.

Material Palette

The material selection prioritizes simplicity and coherence, with white hues dominating the interior to evoke a sense of spaciousness and cleanliness. Dark gray metal or concrete accents are strategically incorporated to create visual interest and contrast. Cool colors are predominantly used to counteract the heat, while warm wood accents add a touch of warmth and coziness.


CoCo Cha Taiwan Tea & Coffee – White Lantern exemplifies a successful fusion of modern design elements with existing architectural features, resulting in a harmonious and inviting space. Through thoughtful planning and innovative solutions, PT Arch Studio demonstrates the potential for architectural renovation projects to achieve both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency.

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