Brand Spotlight: Breezesta

Brand Spotlight: Breezesta
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At Furniture Source International, care is at the heart of everything we do. We care for the furniture we design and build using reclaimed and solid wood. We care for the environment by selecting thoughtful materials. We care for each customer who walks through our doors or browses our catalog. And we care for the companies we partner with to meet our customers’ needs. Partnering with Breezesta embodies this care, reflected in their designs, creations, and thoughtfulness.


Breezesta offers a variety of options, each combining choice with comfort and functionality for your patio. Their furniture range includes Adirondack chairs, dining sets, chaise lounges, and benches. Designed for stability and comfort, Breezesta furniture features curved edges for a softer appearance and feel. With a wide range of rich and vibrant colors, you can match or contrast with your outdoor space, making a statement or blending seamlessly with your landscaping.


Creating an enjoyable outdoor space means different things to different people, but easy maintenance is always a priority. Breezesta’s furniture is maintenance-free with ultraviolet stabilizers to preserve the chosen colors. Thanks to high-quality pigments and design, additional items purchased in later years will match perfectly, without fading concerns. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, Breezesta ensures long-lasting enjoyment, reducing the need for seasonal replacements. Mold and mildew resistant materials decrease cleaning time, allowing more time to relax outdoors.


Before showcasing Breezesta furniture, we highlight the eco-friendly materials used in its construction. Made from recycled milk jugs and water bottles, Breezesta pieces offer comfort, versatility, and sustainability. By repurposing this abundant resource, Breezesta reduces waste, minimizes landfill space, and offers stylish outdoor furniture options. Whether you prioritize eco-conscious choices or not, Breezesta furniture appeals to a wide range of customers seeking quality and sustainability for their outdoor spaces.

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