Best BDI Desks for Small Home Office Spaces

Best BDI Desks for Small Home Office Spaces
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For those working from home in compact environments like lofts, apartments, or smaller houses, maximizing space is crucial. Efficiently designed compact desks can help optimize your workspace, allowing you to make the most of your time. Here are some top BDI desks tailored for smaller spaces.

Soma Collection

The Soma Collection offers stylish desk and motion-table designs that are both functional and space-saving. Ideal for small home offices, Soma desks blend modern style with thoughtful engineering, providing the features needed to enhance productivity within a smaller footprint.

Centro Return

Designed to complement the Centro desk, the Centro Return offers a slimmer workstation solution. Easily attachable to any Centro storage cabinet, it serves as a standalone desk suitable for spare bedrooms or kitchens. With room for expansion, the Centro Return provides flexibility as your workspace needs evolve.

Linea Console Desk

The Linea Console Desk boasts a sleek and functional design suitable for entryways, compact workspaces, or behind sofas. Featuring a generously sized keyboard and storage drawer with a flip-down front, this desk seamlessly integrates into its surroundings when not in use. Add a mobile file pedestal for enhanced organization and efficiency.

Linea Desk

The Linea Desk is characterized by its modern and clean design, offering a wood-top desk surface, a full-width keyboard/storage drawer, and intelligent wire management. Front and rear panels provide easy access to cords and cables, while a power management ledge keeps wires organized and concealed.

Sigma Compact Desk

Packed with innovative features, the Sigma Compact Desk is designed for smaller spaces. It includes a keyboard drawer, integrated cable management, and is ideal for use as a laptop desk. The modesty panel doubles as a storage compartment for cords, and additional storage cabinets from the Sigma collection allow for expansion.

Sequel 6103

The Sequel 6103 compact desk is a space-saving solution loaded with features like a multifunctional keyboard drawer and wire management system. Choose from two steel frames and three wood finishes to match your style preferences and create an organized and efficient workstation.


The Serif height-adjustable laptop stand, desk, and side table offer versatility and functionality. With a smooth pneumatic cylinder, this portable table effortlessly adjusts to the perfect height and can slide under a sofa or chair, providing a convenient surface for work or play.

In conclusion, BDI offers a range of compact desks designed to meet the style, function, and feature needs of small home office spaces. As part of larger office collections, these desks allow for easy expansion as your workspace requirements evolve over time.

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