Brand Spotlight Ebel

Brand Spotlight Ebel
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At Furniture Source International, our appreciation for outdoor living knows no regional bounds. Whether it’s summer, fall, or spring, we believe in maximizing outdoor enjoyment, no matter the climate. Partnering with renowned brands like Ebel, Inc. allows us to offer exceptional outdoor furniture that combines style, usability, and quality.


Ebel understands that outdoor spaces serve as retreats for relaxation and social gatherings. Their furniture reflects this ethos by offering a diverse range of frames, heights, and colors to suit various preferences. Chairs with swivel and rocking features provide added comfort for extended lounging. With a plethora of fabric choices available, customers can customize their furniture to match their desired color schemes and patterns. From tables to chairs to couches, Ebel offers a comprehensive selection to elevate any outdoor space.


Ebel’s furniture is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Crafted from polyethylene weave, the furniture can be cleaned effortlessly using regular household cleaners. A simple rinse with water or hose is often sufficient to keep the furniture looking fresh. For tougher stains, a gentle cleaning with a nonabrasive cleaner and towel is recommended. Proper cleaning and thorough drying are advised before storing cushions long term, ensuring they remain in top condition for future use.


Founded as a family-run business specializing in benches in 1988, Ebel has expanded its offerings while maintaining its core family values. Quality remains paramount, evident in the 15-year warranty covering defects in material or workmanship, along with a one-year warranty for all cushions. Ebel’s commitment to quality extends to its environmental stewardship efforts. For every piece of furniture manufactured, Ebel plants a tree, demonstrating a dedication to eco-responsibility. Additionally, some of Ebel’s furniture is crafted from recycled ocean plastic, showcasing a harmonious blend of style and sustainability.

In conclusion, Ebel exemplifies a commitment to crafting outdoor furniture that is not only stylish and comfortable but also easy to maintain and built to last. Their dedication to quality and environmental responsibility makes them a standout choice for enhancing outdoor living spaces.

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