Seamless Transition Crate & Barrel Steps In for Bed Bath & Beyond Registries

Seamless Transition Crate & Barrel Steps In for Bed Bath & Beyond Registries
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Amidst Bed Bath & Beyond’s financial turmoil, Crate & Barrel offers a lifeline to customers with existing wedding or baby gift registries. The Illinois-based furniture and home-decor retailer allows couples and parents-to-be to seamlessly transfer their registries from Bed Bath & Beyond or its BuyBuy Baby brand. Here’s how to make the switch.

How to Transfer Your Registry

To initiate the transfer process, customers are required to create a registry with Crate & Barrel or Crate & Kids. Once the new registry is set up, they can take a screenshot of their existing Bed Bath & Beyond or BuyBuy Baby registry and present it at a Crate & Barrel store. Alternatively, customers can opt to send the screenshot via text for remote assistance.

As an incentive for transitioning, Crate & Barrel offers participants a 20% discount on one item and provides complimentary expert guidance to ensure a seamless transition of registry items, matching or substituting with similar products.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s Bankruptcy Fallout

Bed Bath & Beyond’s recent bankruptcy filing has prompted concerns among customers regarding the fate of their registries. While the company reassures customers that their registry data is secure and accessible, plans for future registry management remain uncertain.

Despite the challenges faced by Bed Bath & Beyond’s registry business prior to bankruptcy, Crate & Barrel’s proactive approach aims to alleviate concerns and provide a smooth transition for affected customers.

Industry Response and Competition

Crate & Barrel’s offer to absorb Bed Bath & Beyond registries reflects a broader trend in the retail landscape, with competitors eyeing opportunities amidst industry shifts. Retail giants like Walmart and Target are poised to capitalize on the home goods market, while other stores, including JoAnn, The Container Store, and Big Lots, are honoring Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, signaling a redistribution of market share.

As Bed Bath & Beyond navigates its restructuring process, customers are encouraged to explore alternative options to safeguard their registry data and ensure uninterrupted service.

If you currently hold a wedding or baby registry with Bed Bath & Beyond and have questions or concerns about the transition, we invite you to share your experience. Contact reporter Ben Tobin via email at btobin@insider.com to contribute to the ongoing discussion.

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