American Airlines Passenger’s Snack Box Incident

American Airlines Passenger’s Snack Box Incident
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An American Airlines passenger, identified as @dynamicallydara, recounted a disturbing incident involving her 3-year-old nephew’s snack box on a recent flight. According to her account posted on August 11, she opened the homemade snack box during the flight, which contained Cheerios cereal, cheese crackers, small muffins, and a PB&J sandwich.

Snatching of the Snack Box

@dynamicallydara stated that a flight attendant noticed the homemade snack box, “snatched it,” and took it to the front of the cabin to show a friend seated near the front of the plane. Despite the flight attendant returning the box after a few minutes, the passenger felt compelled to discard all the food items.

Frustration and Response

Expressing frustration on social media, the passenger tagged American Airlines, prompting a response from the airline, acknowledging the incident and apologizing for the crew member’s actions. However, further attempts to address the matter with the airline were reportedly unsuccessful.

Detailed Account

Providing more context, the passenger revealed that the incident occurred during a flight from St. Louis, Missouri, to Dallas, Texas. The flight attendant purportedly took the snack box without permission, leaving the passenger concerned about the food’s exposure during the absence.

Emotional Toll

@dynamicallydara expressed the emotional toll of navigating such situations, opting not to confront the flight attendant mid-flight to avoid escalation. She later requested to speak with the flight attendant upon landing, where she received an apology but felt the attendant attempted to justify her actions.


This incident adds to a series of chaotic travel stories experienced by passengers during the summer, highlighting ongoing challenges faced by travelers, including disputes over airline meals and interactions with airline staff.

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