Designing with Discernment 10 Decor Items an Interior Designer Would Never Use

Designing with Discernment 10 Decor Items an Interior Designer Would Never Use
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Jennifer Walter, the principal designer and owner of Folding Chair Design Co., draws from over 13 years of interior design expertise to discern the decor elements worthy of adorning her home. Here, she shares insights into the pieces she would never incorporate into her living space.

  1. Printed Canvases

While high-quality artwork on canvas can elevate a room’s ambiance, Walter steers clear of low-quality prints that resemble stock images. Instead, she opts for reasonably priced artwork from reputable online platforms like Etsy and Minted, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and authenticity.


  1. Barn Doors

Despite their popularity in contemporary design, barn doors don’t align with Walter’s style preferences. She finds that they often clash with the overall aesthetic of a space and aren’t universally suitable for every room.

  1. Tuscan-Style Decor

Tuscan-inspired elements, such as terra-cotta tiles and ornate iron accents, evoke a dated and dark ambiance according to Walter. She recommends exploring alternatives like Zellige tiles for a fresh take on rustic charm.


  1. Traditional Family Photos

While sentimental, traditional family portraits can overwhelm a room when displayed prominently. Walter suggests incorporating family photos in more artistic and subtle ways to maintain visual balance and sophistication.

  1. Halogen Floor Lamps

Halogen floor lamps, once ubiquitous, pose fire hazards due to their high temperatures. Walter advocates for modern floor lamp designs that offer both functionality and glamour without compromising safety.


  1. Inconsistent Flooring Materials

Mismatched flooring materials detract from a home’s cohesion and aesthetic appeal. Walter advises selecting one flooring type throughout the home or opting for complementary materials to achieve visual harmony.

  1. Matching Furniture Sets

Decorating with matching furniture sets can stifle creativity and individuality. Walter advocates for mixing and matching pieces to imbue rooms with personality and character.


  1. Metal Window Treatments

Metal window treatments can impart a sterile ambiance to a room. Walter suggests exploring softer alternatives like woven shades to add texture and warmth to windows.

  1. Wooden Signs with Slogans

Wooden signs featuring cliché slogans are passé in Walter’s design philosophy. Instead, she recommends sourcing vintage signage or opting for artwork that adds personality and charm to walls.


  1. Sofas with Built-in Features

Sofas equipped with cupholders and electronic features often sacrifice style for functionality. Walter prefers sectional sofas or seating arrangements with matching ottomans and chaises, offering versatility without compromising on elegance.

By eschewing these decor items, Walter maintains a discerning eye for design that balances aesthetics with functionality and timeless appeal.

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