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Designing Flexibility: Readellion Bookstore by Prototype Architects

Designing Flexibility: Readellion Bookstore by Prototype Architects
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Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, Readellion is a bookstore that specializes in offering a curated selection of design-oriented books and magazines. Designed by Prototype Architects, the 44 sq.m space of Readellion is strategically crafted to adapt to the ever-changing and expanding content while providing a unique and immersive experience for visitors.

Dynamic Space Organization

At the heart of the design is a custom-designed suspended island that serves as a focal point in the space. This island can be easily raised by a pulley system, creating versatile configurations for presentations, book club meetings, or as a display area for new releases during working hours. The adaptability of the space allows for seamless reorganization based on the evolving needs of the bookstore.


Innovative Storage Solutions

To optimize space utilization, the side walls feature an adjustable system of pillars with custom-designed shelves for books and merchandise. These shelves provide a flexible display area while maintaining the aesthetic coherence of the interior. Additionally, a storage stand, following the same structural system, is finished with cellular polycarbonate, gently separating the main area from the back office without compromising the overall openness of the space.

Emphasizing Content with Design

The exhibition surfaces within Readellion are meticulously designed to enhance the displayed content. Galvanized steel surfaces and panels painted in the signature “readellion blue” color create a visually striking backdrop that emphasizes the showcased books and magazines. This design choice not only adds vibrancy to the space but also reinforces the bookstore’s identity and commitment to design-oriented literature.

Readellion Bookstore by Prototype Architects exemplifies innovative design solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of a contemporary bookstore. With its dynamic spatial organization, flexible display options, and emphasis on curated content, Readellion offers a welcoming environment for book enthusiasts and design aficionados alike.

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