Managing Luxury Hospitality Insights from The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Managing Luxury Hospitality Insights from The Peninsula Beverly Hills
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Rebecca Goldberg’s journey into hospitality began serendipitously while pursuing a writing career in her 20s in New York City. Today, she serves as the hotel manager of The Peninsula Beverly Hills, situated just steps away from the renowned Rodeo Drive.

A Dynamic Role

Goldberg describes her role as hotel manager as constantly evolving, with each day presenting new challenges and opportunities. Balancing the needs of new and returning guests alongside the demands of Beverly Hills locals frequenting the hotel’s amenities requires finesse and adaptability.

Exceptional Service

What distinguishes Goldberg’s hotel is the caliber of service offered by a staff steeped in decades of experience. The emphasis is on alleviating guests’ stress by attending to their every need, whether it’s securing reservations or providing personalized attention.

Goldberg underscores the importance of guests feeling valued and understood, emphasizing the significance of genuine hospitality beyond mere convenience.

The Education of Luxury Hospitality

Goldberg’s introduction to luxury hotels began at The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park in New York City, followed by The Pierre, where she honed her skills in event management and service. Reflecting on her early experiences, Goldberg acknowledges the invaluable lessons learned from seasoned professionals.

Lessons Learned

A pivotal lesson Goldberg recalls is the distinction between personal preference and professional standards. Her mentor’s advice to differentiate between desirable venues and well-run establishments resonated with her, highlighting the importance of professionalism in the hospitality industry.

Career Progression

Goldberg’s journey led her to The Peninsula Hotel in New York City, where she held various roles before relocating to Beverly Hills. Despite initial hesitations, Goldberg embraced the opportunity for growth, eventually ascending to the position of hotel manager.

Serving Elite Clientele

While confidentiality prevents Goldberg from disclosing specific guests, she shares anecdotes of hosting celebrities, dignitaries, and former presidents. Managing extravagant requests during events like the Oscars showcases the hotel’s ability to cater to high-profile clientele.

Personal Touches

Goldberg infuses personal touches into guest experiences, such as composing poems for special occasions and ensuring tailored accommodations. Flexibility, including personalized check-in procedures, underscores the hotel’s commitment to exceptional service.

Crafting Experiences

Although Goldberg’s writing aspirations took a back seat, she views her role as inherently narrative-driven. Whether shaping memorable guest experiences or fostering connections among staff, Goldberg finds fulfillment in the stories woven within the hotel’s walls.


Managing a luxury hotel offers Goldberg a platform to encounter a diverse array of individuals daily. Through storytelling and personalized service, she creates enriching experiences that transcend mere accommodation, affirming the transformative power of hospitality.

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