Debunking the Myth: Does Drinking Water Really Prevent Hangovers?

Debunking the Myth: Does Drinking Water Really Prevent Hangovers?
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Many of us have heard the advice to drink water between alcoholic beverages to stave off the effects of a hangover. However, molecular biologist Patrick Schmitt challenges this common belief, suggesting that water may not be as effective in preventing hangovers as we think.

The Misconception

Contrary to popular belief, Schmitt argues that dehydration isn’t the primary cause of hangovers. While it’s true that alcohol consumption can lead to increased fluid excretion, the assumption that this results in dehydration and subsequent hangovers has been largely unfounded.

The Research

Schmitt conducted his own study to investigate the relationship between alcohol consumption and hydration. Surprisingly, his findings revealed that despite increased fluid excretion while drinking alcohol, the body doesn’t experience significant dehydration.

The Truth

The recommendation to drink water alongside alcohol to prevent hangovers is based on a misconception. While water may help alleviate symptoms like a dry mouth, it doesn’t have a substantial impact on the severity of a hangover itself.

What Actually Helps

Rather than focusing on drinking water between alcoholic beverages, Schmitt suggests that consuming water instead of alcohol may be more beneficial. However, he emphasizes that drinking water the next day to alleviate a hangover is unlikely to be effective.


While drinking water may not be the miracle solution to preventing hangovers, it’s still important to stay hydrated while consuming alcohol. However, Schmitt reminds us that prioritizing water over alcohol is key, as excessive alcohol consumption can have far more detrimental effects than a simple hangover.

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