Redefining Medical Facilities HENN’s Innovation Center for High-Performance Medical Devices

Redefining Medical Facilities HENN’s Innovation Center for High-Performance Medical Devices
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In 2022, HENN unveiled its groundbreaking Innovation Center for High-Performance Medical Devices (IHM·GBA) in Guangzhou, China, situated within the vibrant Bio Island. This cutting-edge facility caters to the development of advanced medical devices, necessitating a design that seamlessly integrates laboratories, research spaces, and collaborative work environments.

Conceptual Design

HENN’s design ethos centers on an X-shaped floor plan, strategically maximizing the square plot’s potential. Each arm of the “X” is dedicated to laboratories or workspaces, while communal areas intersect at the core. This layout optimizes spatial efficiency, with denser column grids in laboratory zones and more open configurations in office wings. The interplay of light and space is enhanced by curved corners within the building, fostering dynamic vistas and visual intrigue.

Architectural Composition

Comprising three floating volumes interconnected by multi-story sky gardens, the Innovation Center embodies a unique architectural rhythm. The lower volume accommodates public amenities like a lobby, exhibition hall, and café, while the middle section houses laboratories and meeting spaces. Atop these levels, offices offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. This stratified arrangement fosters collaboration and innovation, fostering a symbiotic relationship between experimentation and research.

Vertical Integration

HENN’s design exemplifies a novel approach to high-density vertical architecture, seamlessly blending experimentation, and collaborative workspaces. By incorporating open-air terraces and double-height atriums, the Innovation Center fosters connectivity and interdisciplinary dialogue. This vertical integration not only optimizes spatial resources but also cultivates a conducive environment for breakthroughs in medical device development.


The Innovation Center for High-Performance Medical Devices represents a paradigm shift in the architectural landscape of medical facilities. HENN’s visionary design transcends conventional boundaries, reimagining the built environment as a catalyst for innovation and progress. By seamlessly integrating research, experimentation, and collaborative spaces, the IHM·GBA serves as a beacon of ingenuity, propelling advancements in high-performance medical device technology.

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