Blending Nature and Architecture The Irrigation Reservoir Bassa D.O. Alella

Blending Nature and Architecture The Irrigation Reservoir Bassa D.O. Alella
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In 2022, Pineda Monedero unveiled a unique project nestled amidst vineyards in Spain’s Maresme region: the Irrigation Reservoir Bassa D.O. Alella. This commission posed challenges in integrating modern infrastructure within a historic estate while maintaining harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Design Concept

The primary objective of the project was to seamlessly blend the irrigation pool with its picturesque surroundings, allowing it to merge inconspicuously into the vineyard landscape. The rectangular pool, measuring 4.6×19 meters, was strategically positioned between two rows of vines, ensuring minimal disturbance to the ancient vines while maximizing functionality.

Architectural Implementation

To achieve a seamless integration with the estate’s historic terraces, the volume housing the pool was strategically placed to allow access from below to the machine room. A staircase adjacent to the construction facilitates movement between levels and provides access to the solarium. The architectural elements, including rough cement plaster and stacked brick flooring, were carefully selected to complement the natural environment.

Aesthetic Elements

One of the project’s defining features is the pool’s striking deep red color, reminiscent of wine. This design choice imbues the swimming experience with a sense of immersion within a giant wine glass, enhancing the connection to the surrounding vineyards. As swimmers navigate the pool, they are enveloped by panoramic views of the vineyard, the nearby chapel, and the expansive sky above.


The Irrigation Reservoir Bassa D.O. Alella stands as a testament to Pineda Monedero’s ingenuity in blending architectural innovation with environmental sensitivity. By seamlessly integrating modern infrastructure with the historic vineyard estate, the project exemplifies a harmonious coexistence between nature and architecture. As swimmers revel in the unique experience of “swimming in wine,” the project serves as a celebration of the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the Maresme region in Spain.

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Sergio Gómez

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