Apple Removes Piracy App from App Store

Apple Removes Piracy App from App Store
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Apple has taken action against Kimi, a piracy app offering free streaming of movies and shows, by removing it from its iOS app store. The app, which boasted a library of pirated content including films nominated for the 2024 Oscars and popular TV shows like “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” gained significant traction before its removal.

Features and Rise in Popularity

Despite issues such as varying screen quality and intrusive pop-up ads, Kimi surged in popularity on Apple’s app store, surpassing well-known entertainment apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video in the “Top Free Apps” category. The app amassed over 100 user reviews before its removal, indicating its widespread use among iOS users.

Identity of Developers

The identity of the individuals behind Kimi remains unclear. The app store listed the developer as “Marcus Evan,” which may potentially be a pseudonym used to conceal the true creators’ identities. Attempts to reach out to “Marcus Evan” or Kimi’s developers were unsuccessful.

Apple’s Response and Enforcement of Guidelines

Apple acknowledged that Kimi utilized deceptive tactics to circumvent its approval process by masquerading as a vision-testing platform. The tech giant emphasized its zero-tolerance policy towards apps that deceive users or violate intellectual property rights. Apple’s app store guidelines explicitly prohibit the inclusion of unauthorized content, including streaming services and third-party access.

History of App Removals

Kimi’s removal is not an isolated incident, as Apple has previously cracked down on piracy-related apps. In 2015, Popcorn Time, a similar app, faced removal from the app store due to copyright infringement concerns. Additionally, Apple has taken action against apps deemed harmful, such as those violating adware policies, and controversial platforms like Parler, which were accused of promoting violence.

Conclusion: Upholding App Store Standards

Apple’s decision to remove Kimi underscores its commitment to maintaining the integrity of its app store and protecting user interests. By enforcing stringent guidelines and swiftly addressing violations, Apple aims to foster a safe and trustworthy app ecosystem for its users.


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