Anupam Mittal’s Critique of Big Tech and Startup Ecosystem in India

Anupam Mittal’s Critique of Big Tech and Startup Ecosystem in India
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Unfair Practices by Big Tech

Anupam Mittal, a prominent figure in India’s startup landscape, has raised concerns about the dominance of Big Tech companies, particularly Google, in the app ecosystem. Mittal equates these companies to the historical East India Company, citing their perceived arrogance and impunity in operation. He criticizes Google’s practices, particularly its imposition of taxes and commissions on app transactions, likening it to colonial exploitation.

Lack of Accountability in the Startup Ecosystem

Mittal also addresses issues within the startup ecosystem, highlighting the pressure on founders, venture capitalists, and auditors. He emphasizes the role of greed in driving unethical behavior, where founders manipulate revenues and auditors turn a blind eye. Venture capitalists, driven by the need to mark up investments, exacerbate unsustainable growth trajectories for startups.

Government Intervention and Regulatory Measures

Discussing potential solutions, Mittal calls for government intervention to prevent unfair practices by large global players. He advocates for stricter penalties to deter misconduct, suggesting that mere fines are insufficient to curb the dominance of tech giants. Mittal stresses the importance of upholding judicial orders and penalizing non-compliance to send a strong message to these corporations.

Upholding Economic Independence

Mittal urges regulators to safeguard India’s economic independence by preventing tech companies from becoming gatekeepers. He underscores the need for punitive measures against entities that abuse the law, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a level playing field in the digital economy.

Impact of Shark Tank India

Shifting focus to Shark Tank India, Mittal reflects on its role in promoting entrepreneurship and legitimizing startup culture in the country. He celebrates the show’s ability to empower small businesses and redefine traditional notions of entrepreneurship. Mittal emphasizes the diversity of entrepreneurs showcased on the platform, challenging elitist perceptions of success.

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Mittal identifies sectors with potential for success in the Indian market, emphasizing the importance of bridging the gap between aspiration and affordability. He cites examples of companies in fashion, lifestyle, and food sectors that have thrived by offering premium products at accessible prices. Mittal predicts a promising future for Indian entrepreneurs, fueled by shifting consumer preferences and emerging market trends.

Evolution of Shaadi.com and Personal Entrepreneurial Journey

Addressing the relevance of Shaadi.com in the era of dating apps, Mittal defends the platform’s role in facilitating planned marriages and preserving cultural values. He contrasts Shaadi.com with hookup-centric platforms like Tinder, highlighting its emphasis on compatibility and family involvement.

Redefining Success in Entrepreneurship

Reflecting on his own entrepreneurial journey, Mittal rejects conventional measures of success such as unicorn status. Instead, he emphasizes the value creation and long-term impact of his ventures, citing examples of industry-leading innovations and significant societal contributions. Mittal remains optimistic about the future, hinting at forthcoming ventures in diverse sectors.

Investment in Ola and Future Prospects

Mittal shares insights into his investment in Ola, highlighting the company’s early-stage potential and network effects. Despite initial skepticism, Mittal recognized Ola’s disruptive potential and was impressed by founder Bhavish Aggarwal’s dedication. He anticipates Ola’s upcoming IPO with optimism, underscoring the enduring value of strategic investments in the startup ecosystem.


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