Anne Architecture Crafting Spaces of Meaning

Anne Architecture Crafting Spaces of Meaning
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Anne Architecture embodies a philosophy centered on serving clients, solving complex problems, and ultimately delighting them through exceptional design solutions. Founded in 2010 by Principal Anne Sciarrone, the firm specializes in residential architecture and community amenities, with a keen focus on understanding clients’ personal and lifestyle aspirations.

Mission and Approach

At Anne Architecture, the mission is clear: SERVE. SOLVE. DELIGHT. The practice is dedicated to creating spaces where traditions are forged and memories are cherished. Rather than imposing its vision, the firm prioritizes the dreams and desires of its clients, seeking to solve their unique challenges with creativity and empathy.

Design Philosophy

Anne Sciarrone’s approach to design is deeply personal and holistic. She views life as a complex puzzle, where every element is interconnected. By delving into the deeper meaning behind each project, she uncovers the motivations and aspirations of her clients, ensuring that every design decision is rooted in their individual stories.

Services Offered

Anne Architecture offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. From residential design and renovation to community amenities and recreation facilities, the firm provides expertise in areas such as energy-efficient homes, historic building conservation, and universal design.

Areas Served

While based in Atlanta, Georgia, Anne Architecture extends its services to various communities in the surrounding areas. From Alpharetta to Vinings, the firm’s footprint spans a wide range of neighborhoods, reflecting its commitment to serving diverse communities with equal dedication.


Anne Architecture stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design in shaping meaningful experiences. With a focus on personal connection, problem-solving, and client satisfaction, the firm continues to leave a lasting impact on the architectural landscape, one project at a time.

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