Allegations of Wrongful Termination: Former Twitter Engineer Speaks Out

Allegations of Wrongful Termination: Former Twitter Engineer Speaks Out
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Randall Lin, a former engineer at Twitter, has come forward with allegations of wrongful termination after being accused of leaking information to the press. Lin claims that he was unfairly dismissed from his position, attributing his firing to false accusations made against him.


Lin joined Twitter as a machine-learning engineer in February 2020 and later rose to the role of staff engineer. Dissatisfied with the company’s atmosphere under former CEO Jack Dorsey, Lin welcomed Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter in October 2022. He embraced Musk’s leadership style and strived to meet the CEO’s high expectations.

Allegations and Consequences

Lin’s tenure at Twitter took a tumultuous turn when he was accused of leaking information to the press. Specifically, he was implicated in the release of two articles by Zoë Schiffer, a managing editor of the tech newsletter Platformer. Despite denying any involvement in leaking information, Lin was confronted by the corporate security team and subsequently terminated from his position.

Denial and Disappointment

Lin maintains his innocence, asserting that he never communicated with Schiffer and was unjustly targeted. His termination left him feeling betrayed, especially considering his efforts to support Musk’s vision while advocating for his colleagues. Lin expresses disappointment in the lack of support he received despite his technical contributions to the company.

Legal Action and Fallout

Following his dismissal, Lin reached out to Schiffer for assistance, fearing potential legal repercussions. Despite his innocence, Lin’s termination underscores the challenges of navigating the internal dynamics within Musk’s circle. Schiffer highlights the complexities of existing within Musk’s inner orbit, emphasizing the intricate dynamics at play.


The case of Randall Lin sheds light on the complexities and challenges faced by employees within high-profile companies like Twitter under new leadership. Lin’s allegations of wrongful termination underscore the importance of fair treatment and due process in corporate environments. As the story unfolds, it raises questions about accountability and transparency within tech corporations.


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