A New Home Decor Focus for the New Decade

A New Home Decor Focus for the New Decade
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As we usher in a new decade, it’s time to consider refreshing our home decor styles. Forecasts indicate a shift away from the trends that have dominated home furnishings in recent years. Fortunately, BDI is always ahead of the curve, offering fashion-forward designs to update your living spaces.

Invest in Quality

In the previous decade, the rise of big-box furniture stores led to the proliferation of inexpensive, ready-to-assemble furniture. However, many consumers discovered that affordability didn’t always equate to durability. Reviews of these products often highlighted their short lifespan and tendency to break down quickly.

Replacing worn-out or poorly-made furniture not only incurs financial costs but also has environmental implications due to increased waste. Consequently, more individuals are opting to invest in high-quality furniture designed to stand the test of time.

A Return to Mother Earth

This year, the trend of using cool gray tones in home decor is giving way to warm, comforting earth tones. Expect to see hues like deep reds, olive greens, chocolate browns, golden ochres, and burnt oranges taking center stage. Natural woods continue to be prominent, albeit in lighter finishes, complemented by pops of color inspired by nature, ranging from berry shades to aqua tones.

White Out

Winter white is making a comeback, particularly in upholstery, thanks to advances in performance fabrics that offer liquid-repelling properties. This classic yet versatile color serves as a neutral backdrop that enhances other elements of decor, creating a clean and crisp aesthetic. White upholstery can now be embraced in households with children or pets, bringing a fresh and modern look to any space.

Learning Curves

In the past, furniture design favored straight lines for their sleek and elegant appeal. However, the new decade embraces curves, featuring soft corners, rounded legs, and curved backs. This design trend exudes a smoother and more fluid aesthetic, adding a sense of movement and dynamism to interior spaces. Curved elements can be seen in various furniture pieces, including tables, office furniture, chairs, and cabinetry.

Embracing the New Decade

As we embark on this new decade, it’s an opportunity to embrace fresh beginnings and revitalize our living spaces. Whether it’s redefining our environmental footprint, exploring new design aesthetics, or simply refreshing our homes, staying true to personal style and taste remains paramount. Let the new decade inspire you to create a living environment that reflects your unique personality and values.

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Sergio Gómez

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