Hospital Renovation: Embracing Change in Purmerend, The Netherlands

Hospital Renovation: Embracing Change in Purmerend, The Netherlands
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Studio Roelof Mulder and bureau Ira Koers collaborated on reimagining the interior of the Dijklander hospital in Purmerend, recognizing its meticulous design by Jan Tennekes while adapting it to modern healthcare needs.

Evolving Healthcare Landscape

Healthcare trends have shifted towards more outpatient treatment in clinics, reduced inpatient care, and fewer wards with beds. This evolution prompted a thoughtful examination of the hospital’s spaces, aiming to preserve its heritage while aligning with contemporary healthcare practices.

Transforming the Central Hall

The sky-lit central hall underwent significant alterations to accommodate changing patient needs. Originally designed as a spacious indoor street, it now serves as a versatile waiting area for outpatient appointments and treatments, offering shortcuts and ample seating amidst lush greenery.

Redefining Spatial Use

By relocating the cafeteria, patient service point, and hairdresser to the blue plinth course flanking the hall, additional space was created for seating and greenery. Luxuriant foliage in raised beds with terrazzo garden walls replaced sparse greenery along the facades, providing privacy and indoor views of greenery.

Enhancing Amenities

To enhance the ambiance, two new red islands with sofas and a concert grand piano accentuated the existing red lifts. The redesigned indoor garden seamlessly extends to the exterior, with raised dykes featuring seating amidst greenery, offering patients and visitors a tranquil outdoor retreat.

Integrating Nature

A footpath winding around the building integrates nature into the hospital environment, with green spaces in the parking lot designed to absorb stormwater, complemented by trees and reedy edges along the Gors.

The revitalization of Dijklander Hospital exemplifies a harmonious blend of preserving architectural heritage with embracing modern healthcare practices, creating a welcoming and patient-centric environment for all.

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