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Anthropologie’s Collaboration with Katie Hodges A California Dream

Anthropologie’s Collaboration with Katie Hodges A California Dream
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Anthropologie has once again teamed up with a prominent interior designer, Katie Hodges, to launch an exclusive home decor collection. If you adored Anthropologie’s previous collaboration with Amber Lewis or have a penchant for casual-cozy neutrals and layering tonal textures, then Hodges’ transitional style collection, based in California, is tailor-made for you.

Collection Highlights

The collection comprises 35 pieces across various categories, including furniture, case goods, lighting, decorative accessories, and textiles. Among the standout pieces is the Faux Fur Accent Chair, boasting a shapely scalloped oak back paired with a faux Mongolian-upholstered seat, evoking a sense of warmth and comfort.

The lighting pieces, particularly the sconces, command attention. The Brass Sconce, ideal for compact spaces, emanates warmth and ambiance with its perforated metal shade design. Meanwhile, the Brass Accordion Sconce channels a vintage aura reminiscent of discoveries in old libraries or studies.

The materials used in the collection, ranging from nubby bouclé and velvet to wood and bronzy metal, radiate warmth, while the earthy palette effortlessly complements various color schemes. Notably, the wooden pieces feature intricate carved details, infusing minimalist, organic oak with a touch of Old Hollywood glamour.

Designer’s Perspective

In a press release about the collaboration, Hodges emphasized the importance of warmth and functionality in every design decision. She expressed her aim to stay true to Anthropologie’s artful aesthetic while infusing a touch of ‘California Cool’ that resonates with her community and clients.

Personal Favorites

Personally, I am drawn to the Organic Percale Printed Sheet Set and the floral Pillow. Their ditsy flower print and moody colors exude a springy vibe without being overly saccharine, making them perfect for the colder months. The pillow, available in a long lumbar silhouette, offers a versatile styling option for beds of various sizes.

In essence, Anthropologie’s latest collaboration with Katie Hodges offers a blend of sophistication, comfort, and Californian charm, catering to those with an eye for transitional style and a penchant for cozy elegance.

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